Waiting for a Coronavirus Vaccine

Waiting for a coronavirus vaccine doesn’t stop us from thriving!

COVID-19 is a three part story. It includes all the themes of a cinematic feature, such as danger, hardship, but also inspiration. As we slowly enter the new normal world, there is much we can do to protect ourselves!

The whole world is waiting for a coronavirus vaccine. While it might seem like there’s not much we can do while we wait, the truth is that we have more power over our health than we think!

Allow me to break down the chapters of COVID-19 evolution, and suggest ways that we can optimise our health while we wait for a vaccine.

COVID-19 is a saga – a story of danger, hardship, but also immense inspiration. Yes, I mean inspiration! Inspiration that can help us live healthier than before.

Chapters of the COVID-19 story

There are three chapters to the COVID-19 crisis:

  • Chapter 1: the basics
  • Chapter 2: the new normal
  • Chapter 3: widespread vaccination
Chapter 1 of the COVID-19 story is the basic understanding of the virus. We spent this time to ensure adequate medical capacity. We knew hand hygiene, masks, and distancing were important. We bought time with restrictive shelter in place measures to build our PPE and ICU capacities.

We started chapter 1 in early 2020

We’ve had basic hand hygiene, masks, distancing, and lock down. This has been rudimentary but necessary. We needed to buy time to build medical capacity, including:

  • Testing and contact tracing capacity
  • ICU capacity
  • PPE and ventilator stock

Shelter in place has protected us from the dangerous “new normal” world. It was necessary because COVID’s high Ro and asymptomatic transmission would otherwise overwhelm our medical system.

While important, it has also been unsustainable for our society and economy.

We are slowly entering chapter 2

We’re going to be in chapter 2 for years, so lifestyle modifications reducing our COVID-19 risk factors will have long term benefit

We are beginning to start chapter 2: the gradual re-entry. We will slowly lift lock down. The problem is we are still waiting for a coronavirus vaccine. We are no safer today against coronavirus than before.

Without proven medications we are no safer today when we leave the home than before

The dangers of our “new normal” world

In New York City hospitalized patients with COVID-19 had a mortality of 20% or greater (over 20 years old). Similar trends have been observed in Norther California and China.

Chapter 2 of the COVID-19 story is our re-entry into the new normal. We don't yet have proven medications or treatments for COVID-19 but we need to re-enter the world for our jobs and society. This provides a valuable opportunity to rethink our lifestyle to stay as healthy as we can and reduce risk for severe COVID-19 infection.

But there’s plenty we can do to thrive before a vaccine is released!

There’s hope! Data from New York City, Northern California, London, and China (and here) suggest many risk factors for COVID-19 hospitalization are within our control! It turns out a healthy lifestyle may keep us out of the hospital. We’re going to be in chapter 2 for years, so the improvements in our health we make today are long lasting.

Better yet, that same healthy lifestyle can also protect us from heart disease, brain disease, and cancer. And it has no side effects, and is cheap. What medication can do THAT for you?

Check out my YouTube for more information on how you can thrive while you await the coronavirus vaccine and stay tuned as we better explore the connection between modifiable risk factors and COVID-19!

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