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Anthony Kaveh MD is a physician anesthesiologist and integrative medicine specialist. He empowers patients to discover their innate healing potential through their small, daily lifestyle choices. We can all improve our health starting with small steps!
Anthony Kaveh, MD

With my experience as a physician entrepreneur, engineer, and public speaker, I conduct talks to organizations and companies to promote a culture of health in the workplace.

Our health and well-being is an extension of the environment we live in, particularly our workplaces.

See selected speaking topics below – customized talks are also available to meet your organization’s individual needs.

Selected Talks and their Outlines:

Protecting family mental health as we return to work during COVID-19

Less than 10% of the population will experience severe COVID-19 infection. In contrast, 100% of the population has been impacted psychologically. While children and adolescents are considered lower risk for COVID-19 complications, they are at very high risk of emotional and psychological distress from their disrupted lifestyles, social media, and the behaviors of the adults around them. There are crucial lessons we must apply from recent natural disasters, including hurricanes, tsunamis, and wildfires, to protect our children from developing lifelong mental and physical health consequences. The first step of protecting our children is to strengthen our own mental health and coping mechanisms.

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Improving employee health while re-opening during COVID-19

We spend only a fraction of our lives in the doctor’s office. The vast majority is spent at home and at work, so it should be no surprise that our work life heavily influences our health. Just as work can be stressful and hurt our health, it can also be healthful and improve our health. This is even more important during the COVID-19 crisis, as the workplace represents the greatest risk of coronavirus exposure for most of us. There are two parts to workplace health during the pandemic. The first is appropriate safety protocols. The second is a culture of health and safety that can sustain these new measures.

Fear of retaliation and misperceptions about public health rationale may undermine these safety efforts and lead to health and productivity loss from sick or quarantined employees and family members. Dr. Kaveh will speak on the science and evidence behind workplace safety measures tailored to your organizational structure. The role of the workplace in addressing the chronic disease burden that contributes to severe COVID-19 infection will also be addressed. This ethos of workplace health confers tangible value for employers and employees well after the COVID-19 crisis.

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Safety, health, and productivity promotion at the workplace

“Worksite health promotion represents one of the key strategies for maintaining the productivity of American workers at a time when their average age is increasing faster than most of our global competitors

The cost of employee illness, even outside of COVID-19, is extraordinary for employers. Actively engaging employees can reduce chronic disease burden to improve health and productivity, and it is most effective when tailored to your specific organizational structure and workforce.

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Health and productivity with integrative medicine

Many examples of modern day “biohacking” are ancient medical practices now re-popularized in the media. The use of supplements, herbs, vitamins, and breathing techniques have been studied for generations across the world. Using data to guide safe use, these techniques have great power to restore and improve the health of individuals and organizations.

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Lifestyle choices can help you live your healthiest during COVID-19 and after. Learn how to protect yourself from Dr. Anthony Kaveh.

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