Coronavirus: How To Stay Safe Once Lockdown is Over

As previously discussed, we are entering a new chapter in the COVID-19 saga. And in this new chapter, it’s important to know to stay safe after lockdown is over. When coronavirus lockdown ends, we will enter a “new normal” without the protection of a treatment or vaccine. In areas where travel borders remain open (like the United States), we will inevitably see increased case counts and hospitalizations.

Despite the best hand hygiene, mask usage, and distancing, coronavirus exposure risk will never be zero percent when we leave our homes after lockdown ends.

The important question: how to stay safe once lockdown is over?

I want to give you access to the tools you need to stay safe once lockdown is over in the United States. This article contains links to videos and blog posts which will empower you to leave lockdown with the tools you need to stay healthy and safe.

Despite all the uncertainty after coronavirus lockdown ends, we know one thing for certain: how we can reduce the risk factors for COVID-19 hospitalization. It starts with our lifestyle.

We are no safer today when we leave our homes than before, but we cannot stay in lockdown for years waiting on a COVID-19 treatment. We have a very real risk of exposure to coronavirus in this waiting period despite hand washing and masks. Some people are more susceptible than others to severe disease, and severe disease is associated with high chance of death. Even the best prevention efforts cannot eliminate coronavirus exposure. How can we maximize our body's defenses when we get exposed?

Coronavirus lockdown bought us time and medical capacity

Without proven medications we are no safer today when we leave the home than before

While our time spent in lockdown has bolstered our society’s medical capacity, we have no proven treatments or vaccine yet. The risk from COVID-19 remains the same as before, and that risk is not low.

Risk of death remains the same after coronavirus lockdown ends

Becoming hospitalized with COVID-19 is associated with a 20% chance of death.

We aren’t standing idly. UCSF is crowd sourcing the pharmaceutical search for existing medications that might be effective against COVID-19. Promising phase I results from a vaccine are just in. However exciting, we need to recognize that we likely won’t have a widely available treatment for 1-2 years.

We need something faster. We need something now for the “new normal”.

That’s where our data on risk factors comes in. We know the risk factors responsible for COVID-19 hospitalization:

  • High blood pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Smoking

Remember, we know one thing for certain: how we can reduce the risk factors for COVID-19 hospitalization. It starts with our lifestyle.

COVID-19 deaths skew heavily toward people with chronic diseases associated with lifestyle. Now, more than ever, the world with COVID-19 is more dangerous for people with unhealthy lifestyles. A healthy diet is a key step to preventing chronic disease.
Diet is a key factor in reducing the chronic diseases associated with severe COVID-19 infection and hospitalization.

I’m excited to share actionable information to help us make small changes in our lifestyle that, if done consistently, can yield real gains in health. How significant of gains? Try ten extra years of disease-free life! The benefits keep coming, after coronavirus lockdown ends, and for the rest of your life!

Stay tuned for more updates on the lifestyle choices you can start making today to reduce your COVID-19 risk factors! We want to be as healthy as possible after coronavirus lockdown ends… and for the rest of our life!

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