key represents the integrated medical approach to your personal health and wellness

A Lock and Key

The good physician treats the disease; the great physician treats the patient who has the disease

Sir William Osler – father of modern medicine

You are an individual, and the strategy to your health and well being is unique to the life story you bring to your doctor. There are many way to achieve health and happiness, but not all treatments work for every individual.

The key to unlocking health is just that: finding the key to your individual lock

My integrated approach to your health is unique to you because there is no one else that has the same goals as you. No one else brings the same story to their health journey. No one else lives in the exact same environment as you. How can a single diet, a single supplement, or a single exercise work the same for you the same as somebody else? Everybody has their own key strategies to unlock their full potential.

When we work together, we combine all elements of your life to give you the empowering strategies to improve your health. This integrated approach personalizes and optimizes your healthcare to the life you live.

Healing Potential

All humans have the capacity to protect and heal themselves, but economic changes in healthcare push our expectations of health from internally-derived to externally

Taking Back Control

The impact of environment and mindset on genetics is incredible, and is consistent with millenia of medicinal traditions that put health in our own hands


Through an integrated approach to health, we can integrate the best of modern medicine with evidence-backed traditional wisdom