Mother’s Day & gratitude during COVID-19

 Gratitude influences our immune system. As amazing as that sounds, a mindset with gratitude can have profound influences on our happiness and wellbeing. It can also promote other healthy habits that can reduce our risk of severe disease from COVID-19.

Today is a day of gratitude to our mothers. Whether we can be with our mother or not (and many cannot), we should recognize the power of gratitude for our health. Particularly in the context of COVID-19.

Gratitude can take many forms, with journaling being a common practice. The benefits of a gratitude mindset are innumerable, so I want to focus on the correlation to our mental health.

Our mindset influences our chronic stress, which in turn affects our immune system strength

Health benefits of a gratitude mindset

Gratitude affects many aspects of our general health. In can in turn reduce risk factors for COVID-19 hospitalization. Some of the risk factor reduction can come from:

Small changes in our mindset implemented consistently over time can have profound impacts in our health and well being

In my last post I discussed the power of our lifestyle choices in reducing our risk factors for COVID-19 hospitalization. We want to reduce our risk of COVID-19 hospitalization because of the very high associated mortality rate (over 20%). In the absence of proven treatments, now is the time to optimize our health and reduce our risk factors for severe COVID-19 disease.

Our mindset is one of those key lifestyle factors that influences our immune system strength. Gratitude is one of the many methods we can use to optimize our mental health.

So the bottom line: expressing gratitude can have profound mental health benefits. What better day than today to practice expressing that gratitude!

And to my mom: thank you!

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