May The 4th Be With You in COVID-19

On “Star Wars” day I wanted to share two powerful concepts in medicine, particularly relevant during the COVID-19 crisis:

  1. Humor
  2. Inner Healing Potential (Force?)

I married my amazing wife last year on May 4th (“Star Wars Day”). She is an emergency room physician and front line hero. We are both big Star Wars fans, and I hope you enjoy a fun photo from our wedding as we first discuss the power of humor.

The power of humor is not to be understated. There are so many medical stories, and that of Norman Cousins is particularly powerful. Cousins suffered from ankylosing spondylitis in the 1960’s and found immense benefit in laughter at helping him reduce his pain. He even helped start a “humor research task force” at UCLA. He found that 10 minutes of intense laughter enabled him to sleep despite his pain.

I hope this photo from my wedding brings you a few chuckles!

My wedding on May 4th

Secondly, the power of the inner healing potential. My passion is for patients to discover their natural, innate healing potential to reach their peak health. This inner potential is like the “Force” from Star Wars: it is a profound power that we all have to live our healthiest life. It stems from our lifestyle choices and has significant evidence base. It includes our nutrition, physical activity, mindset, sleep, and environment.

Tapping into our inner healing potential is more important now than ever before with the COVID-19 crisis. Data from New York, California, and China show similar patterns about the importance of our lifestyle in improving our chances of survival from coronavirus infection. This is critical given the current absence of promising pharmaceutical therapies.

Stay tuned for an article explaining the evidence behind lifestyle interventions that may help us not only stay alive, but thrive, as we re-enter our new coronavirus world.

And lastly, May the Force be with you!

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