• Black Health Matters – We Must Stop Targeted Advertising
    We cannot remain silent on the systematic racism that has allowed targeted advertising to deliberately push millions of black families into toxic lifestyles burdened with excess chronic disease. The lost decades of livelihood and health are insufferable and unacceptable. Black Lives Matter, and Black Health Matters, for us all.
  • We Are All Connected – a 13th Century Poet’s Perspective
    In this difficult time for us all, I want to share a short poem by the 13th century Persian poet Sa’adi. His poem is universal and timeless. While our modern times have been relentlessly challenging, we may take comfort knowing that past societies have faced similar struggles.
  • Stay Healthy During COVID-19 with Olive oil?
    You may have heard olive oil is “good for you”, but how can we practically use that information, particularly when we’re trying harder than ever to stay healthy during COVID-19?
  • Coronavirus: How To Stay Safe Once Lockdown is Over
    We are no safer today when we leave our homes than before, but we cannot stay in lockdown for years waiting on a COVID-19 treatment.
  • Why is a Healthy Lifestyle Important?
    Improving our health is as important as ever during the COVID-19 crisis. It’s a valuable time to focus on our heart health to reduce COVID-19 risk factors.
  • How to stay safe during coronavirus with heart health
    So how do you stay safe during coronavirus? There is a lot you can do – and it involves small lifestyle changes that are done consistently.
  • Mother’s Day & gratitude during COVID-19
    Today is a day of gratitude to our mothers. Whether we can be with our mother or not (and many cannot), we should recognize the power of gratitude for our health. Particularly in the context of COVID-19.
  • Waiting for a Coronavirus Vaccine
    COVID-19 is a saga – a story of danger, hardship, but also immense inspiration. Inspiration that can help us live healthier than before.
  • May The 4th Be With You in COVID-19
    Tapping into our inner healing potential is more important now than ever before with the COVID-19 crisis. Data from New York, California, and China show similar patterns about the importance of our lifestyle in improving our chances of survival from coronavirus infection.
  • Mercury Poisoning From New EPA Regulation
    Mercury poisoning is a serious medical concern, particularly as pollution regulations are changed in the United States.
  • Indoor air quality & coronavirus: complete guide
    Indoor air quality is an important part of our health. We breathe 3,000 gallons of air daily and absorb many compounds from that air into our bodies! Learn how to keep that air safe and healthy!
  • Why Zinc Lozenges for Coronavirus?
    Why Zinc Lozenges in Coronavirus? What is the evidence for zinc’s anti-viral properties? Before supplementing, learn how to safely use zinc lozenges to prevent harm.
  • Quercetin as a Coronavirus Immune Booster?
    What is quercetin? How is it an “immune booster”? Quercetin is a flavonoid, a type of chemical produced in certain plants. These chemicals protect plants from UV radiation and infection, and they pass benefit on to humans that eat them. They are yellow (from “flavus” in Latin) and some tout them as an immune booster.…
  • Coronavirus & indoor air pollutants: quarantine safely! Part 2
    I am a strong advocate of environmental medicine, focusing on the impact our environment has on our health. This is part 2 of a guide on indoor air pollutants. Remember that indoor air pollutants may be 100x to 1000x worse than outdoors! You should start with part 1 where I described where to look in…
  • Coronavirus & indoor air pollutants: quarantine safely!
    This is the first part of a 4 part series on reducing indoor air pollutants. Our home air quality is important, particularly during shelter in place while we are spending significant time indoors. You can find part 2 here! Sheltering in place to flatten the curve gives us a valuable opportunity to reduce indoor air…
  • Coronavirus home remedy: curcumin (turmeric)
    As we don’t have any treatments for COVID-19 yet, what is the role and efficacy of a coronavirus home remedy for boosting our immune system? Let’s focus on safe, inexpensive remedies that have been studied in other infections. Potential COVID-19 treatments.. where does curcumin (turmeric root) lie? As the world races to find treatments against…
  • Steam to safely disinfect coronavirus? Steam therapy for lungs?
    Annie Hsia asked for evidence behind using steam to sterilize clothes contaminated with coronavirus. What a fantastic question! Steam might sound safer than harsh disinfecting products, but is it effective at disinfecting? Let’s examine the evidence behind this myth. Steam to disinfect surfaces from coronavirus to reduce COVID-19 infection Killing coronavirus with steam has been…
  • Echinacea vs COVID-19 – friend or foe?
    Many patients ask me about what supplements they can take to boost their immune systems. One of the most common supplements taken across the world for immune support is concentration of the echinacea plant. Across the upcoming series of posts on how to boost our immune systems against SARS-CoV-2, I want everyone to know that…
  • Not all cleaners are made equal: how to safely disinfect your home
    Update: Hand sanitizers (with at least 60% alcohol content) are effective at killing SARS-CoV-2. However, they should not be consumed. There has been a 79% in U.S. poison control calls related to children unintentionally consuming hand sanitizer. Remember to keep these products away from children! We have all seen disinfecting agents in sparse supply at…
  • COVID-19 Feature on San Mateo Focus Podcast
    Hello all, San Mateo Focus aired a special COVID-19 message for me to our community, The transcript is below. You can hear the entire podcast on their site: This is such an incredible example of teamwork, with the whole community rising up to the challenge! They have great content on their podcast and they are…
  • Stressors and Mental Health Effects of COVID-19
    I was fortunate enough to interview Dr. Amalia Londono Tobon (@DrLondonoTobon, londonotobonmd.com) of the Child Study Center of Yale University School of Medicine. She is a clinician and researcher on the prevention of mental health disorders with special focus on child and perinatal psychiatry. I recorded our interview in which we discussed the different types…
  • Alarmist media and our children – the importance of a credible source
    Today I received an email from a physician circulation with the headline: “A Medical Worker Describes Terrifying Lung Failure From COVID-19 — Even in His Young Patients”. This extremist language caught my attention given the physician-centric venue. I unfortunately found the telltale signs of ulterior motive immediately: alarmist taglines and shout out quotes with extreme…
  • The Mental Health Response to COVID-19 and why we must pay Attention
    I am very excited to announce that I will be conducting a series of interviews with child psychiatry expert Dr. Londono Tobon (@DrLondonoTobon, https://londonotobonmd.com) of Yale University’s Child Study Center. As we enter our second week of shelter in place, it is very important for us to begin recognizing what a normal stress response is,…
  • Indoor pollution & open windows during “shelter-in-place”?
    This is an important question and short answer with my video: https://vm.tiktok.com/sRNN9N/ Our environmental health is critical to assess, especially when spending much time indoors with poor ventilation (as we ALL should be doing now with “shelter-in-place”!). In northern California, we are lucky to have excellent outdoor air quality (on average), and our INDOOR air…

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