If I have allergies, what should I do about my symptoms?

This is a common question, especially now with spring coming in full bloom with pollen.

Unfortunately, the overlap of allergic symptoms (runny nose, sneezing, coughing, etc.) overlaps with the possible symptoms of COVID-19. There is no reliable way to distinguish the symptoms. COVID-19 can represent as mild respiratory illness in many individuals, meaning that even if you have allergies every year, this year’s allergies could be allergies+COVID-19.

Because our rate of community spread has increased so drastically, and because our medical system cannot keep up if the “curve” is not flattened, we must treat ANY respiratory illness symptoms as possible COVID-19.

This means that under “shelter-in-place” anyone with allergic symptoms must assume they have COVID-19 and treat themselves with self-isolation (especially if they live with other people). For more information, please see my post: https://integrated.doctor/are-you-feeling-sick-here-are-action-items/

Thank you for following “shelter-in-place”, helping our community stay healthy, and protecting our hospitals!

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