Advil/Motrin/Ibuprofen and COVID-19

UPDATE 4/24: evidence remains inconclusive on this matter. Systematic review can be read here regarding the dearth of evidence.

After an announcement from France expressed concern over ibuprofen causing severe adverse effects with COVID-19 infection, many have asked for guidance.


Ibuprofen and COVID19 risk?

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Fortunately, we have an easy answer:

This is a purely theoretical concern, without any controlled human studies yet. Therefore, it is not sufficient evidence to strongly recommend against using ibuprofen or medications in its class (NSAIDs).

That being said, since we have GOOD ALTERNATIVES to ibuprofen, my recommendation is why take a theoretical risk unless needed?

For pain and fever reduction, ACETAMINOPHEN is a fantastic and safe alternative (entirely different class of medication).

For pain alone, lidocaine patches, ice packs/warm packs, stretching, and progressive muscle relaxation are great alternatives to NSAIDs.

I hope this helps clarify where this message is coming from!

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