Helping others with errands

It’s fantastic seeing so many people volunteering to run errands for those who are quarantined at home. Everyone is well intentioned, so let’s make sure we’re doing this safely, because the people we’re helping out are often at HIGH RISK for developing severe disease.

To safely volunteer, you should:

  • NOT have ANY respiratory illness symptoms (doesn’t matter if you’ve been tested for COVID-19 or not!)
  • NOT be a high risk “super spreader” (see link below for definitions!)
  • NOT have traveled to any level 3 countries in the past 14 days (China, Iran, South Korea, most of Europe)
  • NOT be in a high risk occupation, including healthcare worker, public transportation worker (bus, BART, taxi, etc.) – any occupation where you encounter many people and may be harboring virus
  • NOT have been in contact with any known or suspected infectious individuals (even if awaiting testing results)
  • Ideally NOT have been in contact with ANYONE with respiratory illness symptoms (regardless of whether they’ve been tested or not)
  • Consider not bringing children or pets with you on the errand run

Gloves are helpful to minimize contamination, but recognize this cannot protect against the innumerable environmental surfaces that any goods/foods may touch, no matter how careful you are in handling it.

For a thorough discussion of who is “at high risk” please read the following post:

Thank you again for everybody volunteering to help our community!

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