Define “Shelter In Place” for elderly

Today’s announcement was a significant shift in our approach to preventing disease transmission. We should be thankful that our counties across the Bay Area are protecting our health.

We need to define “home-isolation” for all different groups, starting with elderly:

  • Elderly are NEVER to expose themselves to high risk areas (
  • Elderly are NEVER to expose themselves to “super spreaders” (
  • Elderly are NEVER to have visitors over to their house
  • Elderly without any other diseases CAN go to the grocery store if FOLLOWING STRICT PRECAUTIONS:
    • Go at off-peak hours (try calling ahead)
    • Go to less frequented stores
    • Follow STRICT hand hygiene
    • Don’t touch your face, ever
    • Don’t make unnecessary stops
  • Elderly without any other diseases CAN CONSIDER going on walks, walking the dog, etc. if
    • They avoid dense areas
    • Limit unnecessary time outdoors
    • Practice “social distancing” at ALL times (6 feet distance)
    • Remain ALONE or with someone they are living with
  • Elderly with other diseases (meaning they are even higher risk), should consider they above ONLY IF they are absolutely certain they can practice the above STRICT PRECAUTIONS

Good ideas of places to go: trails in nature, quiet neighborhood blocks, beach, quiet/empty parks

Inappropriate places to visit: busy parks, busy dog parks, anywhere you “bump” into people, public places (library), anywhere requiring public transportation, any indoor and poorly ventilated locations

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