COVID-19 from food? Deliveries?

Thank you to everybody following “shelter-in-place”! As we do so, many of us have find ourselves ordering food and groceries, naturally raising the concern of viral contamination of our groceries and packages.

For food:

  • While virus can live on food, cooking food should destroy virus
  • Raw food (think salads) could theoretically have virus on them. However, risk of contracting disease through eating food is believed to be low. The risk of transmission from utensils and touching the face is likely a far greater risk.
    • Personally, I wash my vegetables thoroughly with water and still enjoy salads, as the risk-benefit ratio tilts in favor of benefit from whole, unprocessed, natural foods/vegetables/fruits in salad

For deliveries:

  • As with any other surface, the virus can survive on cardboard (observed up to a day)
  • If you receive a package, you can simply open the cardboard and dispose of it immediately, then proceed to wash your hands (don’t touch anything in between!)

If followed diligently, you can greatly reduce the risk of viral transmission from packages. This likely represents a smaller chance of contracting disease versus physically going to a grocery store (a hot spot for viral transmission!).

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