COVID-19 Feature on San Mateo Focus Podcast

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San Mateo Focus aired a special COVID-19 message for me to our community, The transcript is below. You can hear the entire podcast on their site:

This is such an incredible example of teamwork, with the whole community rising up to the challenge! They have great content on their podcast and they are strong supporters of the San Mateo community.

“The key concept remains to encourage people to follow ‘shelter-in-place.’ The better we can all comply, the more lives we save and the sooner we can return back to normal life to protect our economy. We want to avoid our tremendous economic sacrifice from being in vain. Let us be inspired by the rush of altruism to help the elderly and high-risk, and ensure that to volunteer safely, we have no risk factors for spreading the virus accidentally to those we are trying to help. If we feel sick, we must assume it is COVID-19 and self-isolate from all others. We must avoid the hospital unless we experience emergency symptoms, as going there puts us and the community at risk. We must also take care of our mental well-being, recognizing how critical this is to our immune system. Exercising and fresh air are so important, and we can go outside safely (unless we are sick) by following social distancing. We remain hopeful for treatments on the horizon and recognize that if we protect our healthcare workers today by sheltering in place, we will allow our healthcare workers to protect us.”

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