Can we still go to parks? Exercise?


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Mental health and exercise cannot be understated, particularly in times like this. Not just to feel better and improve our heart health, but to also support our immune systems.

To help curb the dramatic community spread of COVID-19 many large parks are closing. While unfortunate, this is a necessary step in implementing “shelter-in-place”. We should be thankful for support from our officials enabling us to practice social distancing without the social stigma.

With regards to smaller parks, it can still be safe to exercise outside, while respecting these guidelines:

  • Minimize time spent outside to only to the necessary time for your exercise.
  • Practice social distancing at all times!
  • Remember strict hand hygiene at all times, especially the moment you return home!
  • Consider washing your clothes when you return home.
  • Be particularly careful if you are a high-risk individual, and try to only go outside during off-peak hours (eg early hours)
  • If you have any symptoms of respiratory illness, do not go outside!

Let’s all follow these guidelines to take care of ourselves and protect our community.

Thank you all for following “shelter-in-place”!

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