Can pets get COVID-19?

We’re still figuring this out at the time of this writing.

Reports from Hong Kong in February 2020 do indeed suggest that a Pomeranian did have virus in its nasal and oral cavities. What does this mean? Not too much:

  • We’re not clear how infectious the virus is to other dogs (we barely know about this in humans!)
  • We don’t know how likely they are to spread this to humans

Guidance? Try not to get dogs/pets infected:

  • If you have symptoms, restrict contact with them and wear a mask (like you would for another human!)
  • Try to practice social isolation with your pet, when feasible


  • Your pet may get sick (very unlikely)
  • You may sneeze virus onto your dog, who can then spread that to others (unintentionally, I’m sure!)
  • Your pet may pick up virus from the community on their fur, mouth, tongue, etc., and bring it home!

Other (dense) resources:

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