Can our children play together? Are play dates okay?

Unfortunately with the change in the status of our community COVID-19 transmission, and (correct) public healthy policy response, I can no longer recommend the safety of our children playing together.

In line with the guidance by our “shelter-in-place” order, we must avoid any events hosted with different families or individuals wherever possible. At this point in time, the risk of rampant community transmission is simply too high, and the benefits of child interaction (not to be understated) do not outweigh the harms of unabated virus transmission.

So any play dates, gatherings, friends-over, or get-togethers must be avoided.

I hope we can soon liberalize this recommendation, and I will update as soon as possible with good news on this front.

Thank you all for respecting “shelter-in-place”. Every day we continue to follow social distancing is one more day of maximizing our economic sacrifice to protect our healthcare system.

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