Breast cancer and scamming vulnerable women: part 2

I recently wrote about how the fears of vulnerable women are exploited in direct to consumer advertising. Specifically, direct to consumer advertising of breast cancer genetic tests. The harms are very real, and very tangible. And they include disempowering women, specifically by overshadowing the powerful role of lifestyle modification to reduce breast cancer risk. Unfortunately, I see too many patients falling prey to these predatory advertising practices.

And it’s not just me. Direct to consumer genetic testing is under scrutiny by many others, as well.

Watch part 2 of my mini-series on the harms of direct to consumer genetic testing. All references and citations are in part 1 of the article.

Patients deserve much better than this, especially when it comes to one of the most lethal cancers.

Remember, you have more power over your health than they want you to know.

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