Are you feeling sick? Here are action items

Very common question, particularly given how much attention we are paying to our symptoms.

At this point, treat ANY possible symptoms as COVID-19 infection. Why? The rate of community spread is likely INCREDIBLY high (and under detected).

  • If STRONG suspicion for COVID-19 infection (eg contact with a known infected contact), call your doctor BEFORE going to a clinic
    • If your symptoms are mild, you will likely be directed to continue self isolation at home
  • If LOW suspicion for COVID-19 infection, continue home-isolation like you’re doing. You may not need to call your doctor if symptoms are mild (their offices may be inundated with requests).

In both cases, be AS STRICT AS POSSIBLE in isolation: do not leave the house for walks, absolutely NO exposure to ANY public places (public transit, grocery stores, etc.). Try to find volunteers or delivery services to help bring food/goods home to you. Ask any deliveries to leave parcels outside the door so you don’t infect THEM.

While at home, self-isolate from all others:

  • Stay in a separate room from others
  • Wear a mask if around others or in a car (use mask appropriately)
  • Follow strict hand hygiene, don’t touch your face, cough in elbow
  • Wipe all surfaces often
  • No public areas, transportation
  • Avoid pets/animals (why? see post:

There is NO specific treatment at this time (multiple existing antiviral medications are being tested, but NONE validated). Healthy mindset/mental health, optimal nutrition, rest, and hydration are the foundations to treatment. Because there is NO treatment, there is no reason to go to the hospital in the absence of emergency symptoms. Stay isolated!

UNLESS you have EMERGENCY symptoms (shortness of breath, chest pain, etc.), AVOID urgent care, emergency rooms, or other hospital settings

You can consider the many available telehealth applications if you have specific questions for a doctor.

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