Anthony Kaveh, MD

I am an anesthesiologist and biomedical engineer. I completed my undergraduate engineering degree at UC Berkeley and completed medical school at Stanford University. After spending time in biomedical devices in Silicon Valley, I completed my internship at UCLA and residency at Harvard (Brigham and Women’s Hospital).

My research at UCSF and Harvard has focused on harnessing neuroscience and biofeedback through biomedical devices to open the window to neuroplasticity.

I am currently fellow at the Andrew Weil Center for Integrated Medicine (University of Arizona) and married to a (rockstar) emergency medicine physician.

COVID-19 Informational Talks and Live Q&A

Please contact me if you feel your organization or community would benefit from a live Q&A or webinar.

Inner Healing Potential

My passion is for patients to discover their natural, innate healing potential to feel their best. Technology can be a powerful tool to give us insights into our bodies that ancient practices discovered over generations. However, we must be careful to not overly rely on technology or other external sources for our happiness and health. Once we harness our natural healing, we can reduce our need for medications and thrive at our best.

Thriving Through Surgery – the Integrated Approach

I believe in the power of an integrated approach in preparing for surgery to promote optimal healing and long term recovery. I provide both integrative medicine and surgical recovery consultations.