Anthony Kaveh MD is a physician anesthesiologist and integrative medicine specialist. He empowers patients to discover their innate healing potential through their small, daily lifestyle choices. We can all improve our health starting with small steps!

I’m an engineer turned doctor. After studying engineering at UC Berkeley, I lived the startup life in Silicon Valley developing fancy medical devices.

After finishing medical school at Stanford, I did my medical internship at UCLA, then residency at Harvard. I’m completing fellowship training at the University of Arizona.

In practice, I found the divide between docs and patients is staggering. I wanted to bridge this gap between elite academia and patients on the street. So I started Elite to Street, MD, to help reveal medical secrets that the system uses against my patients.

I’m married to a (rockstar) emergency medicine physician who I met at Stanford and helps spread this message to patients.

What else do I do?

Dr. Kaveh works directly with patients to help bridge the gap between academia and real life. He is a physician anesthesiologist and integrative medicine specialist.

With my experience as a physician entrepreneur, engineer, and public speaker, I conduct talks to organizations and companies to promote a culture of health in the workplace.

Contact me to learn how you can hire me to empower your organization to live and work at peak health and productivity. Every organization is different, and customized talks are available to meet your team’s needs.

Inner Healing Potential

My passion is for patients to discover their natural, innate healing potential to feel their best. Technology can be a powerful tool to give us insights into our bodies that ancient practices discovered over generations. However, we must be careful to not overly rely on technology or other external sources for our happiness and health. Once we harness our natural healing, we can reduce our need for medications and thrive at our best.

Thriving Through Surgery – the Integrated Approach

I believe in the power of an integrated approach in preparing for surgery to promote optimal healing and long term recovery. I provide both integrative medicine and surgical recovery consultations.