A message to readers: take control of your health!

Dear readers,

Dr. Kaveh works directly with patients to help bridge the gap between academia and real life. He is a physician anesthesiologist and integrative medicine specialist.
I want to give my patients the care they deserve, but bigger forces run interference. Patients deserve better.

The health gap has grown immensely this past year, and the shortcomings of our corporate-dominated healthcare system are hitting closer to home. My patients are simply misinformed, to the profit of the news and media. Seeing my patients suffer like this really hurts, plain and simple.

I’m redesigning the website to expand coverage beyond COVID-19. You’ll see plenty of new posts and videos in the coming weeks that explains many of the secrets of our healthcare system. Unfortunately, these secrets are used against patients.

You can see my first series on direct-to-consumer advertising used in the breast cancer genetic screening industry.

I spent over a decade learning medicine from top universities and hospitals. I thought this would be my silver bullet to give my patients the best care. Since entering practice, it’s become clear that patients need more – they need empowering knowledge that helps them take back control of their health. Patients are being played by big corporations, and we need to fight back.

Remember, you have more power over your health than they want you to know!

To your health,
Anthony Kaveh, MD

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